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comMUNism site gets over 27 000 hits in one weekend!

164 delegates from 11 International Schools in 8 different countries came together at ISM this past weekend for the first ever paperless IASAS MUN conference.  It was a wonderful weekend filled with passionate debates, frantic placard waving, resolution writing, surprising superlatives, classy business attire  and hilarious analogies.  These elements are all characteristic of a typical MUN conference, however, one thing was missing – the note passing and piles of paper generated from writing, editing and re-writing speeches and resolutions.  ISM went completely paperless with each delegate accessing all necessary documents via USB and the IASAS MUN website. “Notes” were passed between students via Skype rather than in the hands of Pages and the whole event was documented- live- on the comMUNism (COMmunications of MUN at ISM ) website and Twitter feed. The comMUNism site recorded over 27, 000 hits as of 8 am on Sunday morning, indicating that MUN supporters from all over the world were checking in with us to see how the debates and resolutions unfolded over the weekend.  Congratulations to the ISM MUN team and directors for organising a wonderful conference.  If you couldn’t be here with us, or didn’t know about comMunism, hop over to the site to get caught up on what you missed.

No Arguments: IASAS MUN Housing

ISM will be hosting IASAS Model United Nations November 16-20.  We are very excited to have such an outstanding group of globally minded speakers and debaters on our campus – and we need to find host families for them.  All members of the MUN club are required to host for this event.  If you can not host in your own home due to lack of space, you must arrange for a friend to host a visiting student in your place.  Please download the IASAS MUN housing form HERE or pick one up in the Fine Arts Office.  Forms are due to the FAO by August 26 at 3 pm.  No arguments, counter-arguments, or policy challenges – save that for the convention!   🙂

Ms. Close