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AMIS MS Honor Mixed Choir: VISAS

Important notice: Parents of AMIS Mixed Honor Choir participants

As some of you are already aware, the Indian Embassy in Manila will only be processing a total of 40 visa applications per day.  Our travel agent tells us that the processing time for the AMIS MSHMC group will be 17 – 20 WORKING DAYS after the receipt of the whole group’s applications.

Ms. Hausman distributed visa application forms to your child yesterday.  I am asking your assistance in getting the process started as soon as possible by ensuring that the completed forms are returned to the Fine Arts Office by 12 noon on Monday, Dec. 5. We hope to have them checked and submitted by our travel agent on Monday afternoon, thus allowing us a very slim, but workable timeline to secure the visas before the group departs on January 18.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Vicki Close

Performing Arts Director
Fine Arts Office


Calling all Artists for IASAS ART Submissions

(by Audrey M)

ISM High School Visual Arts students are invited to apply to be one of 5 art delegates to represent ISM as outstanding ambassadors at this year’s IASAS Cultural Convention held in at International School Bangkok from Wednesday, February 29th – Sunday March 4th 2012.

ISM will select 25 artworks to send to  IASAS Dance, Drama and Art Cultural Convention at ISB.  5 ISM art students will be selected as delegates to represent the whole body of work to the Cultural Convention delegation. Delegates will be expected to speak knowledgebly about the entire ISM collection.

The selection process for the delegates will be based on the quality of application received as well  as the desire to put together a group of 5 art students who best  represent the wonderful diversity of our ISM Art program.   At the convention, delegates will participate in creating an integrated Exhibition composed of the works sent from each of the IASAS schools.  Delegates will also take part in workshops/master classes both on the ISB campus and possibly (depending onthe flooding situation) in a site specific location.

Please complete this online application. The  deadline is Monday, 12th December, 12noon.

Please see Mr. Kucharski or Ms. Barton for more information.