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AMIS MS Honor Mixed Choir: VISAS

Important notice: Parents of AMIS Mixed Honor Choir participants

As some of you are already aware, the Indian Embassy in Manila will only be processing a total of 40 visa applications per day.  Our travel agent tells us that the processing time for the AMIS MSHMC group will be 17 – 20 WORKING DAYS after the receipt of the whole group’s applications.

Ms. Hausman distributed visa application forms to your child yesterday.  I am asking your assistance in getting the process started as soon as possible by ensuring that the completed forms are returned to the Fine Arts Office by 12 noon on Monday, Dec. 5. We hope to have them checked and submitted by our travel agent on Monday afternoon, thus allowing us a very slim, but workable timeline to secure the visas before the group departs on January 18.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Vicki Close

Performing Arts Director
Fine Arts Office


AMIS Music Auditions

Attention Middle School Musicians:

Auditions are coming up for the AMIS (Association of Music in International Schools) festivals.  ISM will be participating in 3 AMIS Middle School Festivals this year.

1.  MS Honor Mixed Choir:  January 18-22 at American Embassy School in New Delhi, India.

2. MS Junior Honor Orchestra:  February 1-5 at Jakarta International School (JIS) in Indonesia.

3. MS Honor Band:  February 8-12 at Singapore American School (SAS) in Singapore.

Participation in all festivals is by audition only. Students  auditioning for Honor Mixed Choir will be selected by Music Faculty at ISM.  Students chosen for Junior Honor Orchestra and Honor Band will be selected by an outside panel appointed by AMIS.

Audition dates are as follows:

Honor Mixed Choir: Info Sessions Sept.  21 at lunch time in Room 1128 (Ms. Hausman‘s Room) Download Mixed Choir Audition information:  Here

Auditions: Sept. 23 & 26  3 pm in Room 1128 (Ms. Hausman’s Room).

Junior Honor Orchestra: Oct. 17 & 18 at 3 pm in Room 1126 (Mr. Odendaal‘s Room)

Honor Band: Oct. 17 & 18 at 3 pm in Room 1127 ( Mr. Howrey’s Room)


Find out more about AMIS by visiting HERE or by visiting the Music Teachers’ Blogs by clicking their name in this post.

Students will have to get their parents to sign a permission form to participate in the auditions.

Priority for AMIS Strings, Band and Choir will go first to students in grades 7 and 8, but grade 6 students are welcome to audition and may be chosen in “exceptional circumstances” (AMIS  Handbook). ” Students who audition for AMIS festivals must be in good standing with the music department of the school they attend.  Where possible, they should be members of the relevant performing ensembles. “(AMIS Handbook)

Good Luck