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Travel Insurance Policy at ISM


ISM students take part in a wide variety of cultural events locally and overseas every year. As a result sometimes injuries and accidents do occur. Our faculty and advisers are first aid trained as well as our bus marshals who travel with our groups domestically to events. In the event of an accident or injury that occurs at a school event, whether inside our campus or outside campus, the School provides for an automatic medical insurance coverage (the “Mandatory Medical Coverage”) for claims that may be filed with the School’s medical insurance provider. Please note that coverage of an incident and/or reimbursement of the amount claimed will be assessed by the insurance company and is not determined by ISM.

Parents have made use of the School’s Mandatory Medical Coverage whenever their children have sustained injuries while at school. However, please understand and accept that this coverage is not intended for and cannot be used as a general health insurance scheme. In view of this, the School strongly advises that parents obtain their own separate comprehensive medical insurance for their entire family while located in the Philippines.

Coverage for Accidents Which Occurred Within the Philippines

If your child is involved in an accident, injury, emergency surgery, disability, death, etc. related to a school related event which he/she participated in within the Philippines that requires a visit to a doctor or if there is any medical expense incurred and you wish for the same to be covered by the School’s Mandatory Medical Coverage, please make sure to collect an Insurance Claim Form from the ISM Clinic. The parent is required to then submit said Form to the insurance company with all appropriate supporting documentation within sixty (60) days from when the incident occurred. You may also choose download these forms by clicking on the links below.

The amount of coverage per student is One Hundred Thousand Pesos (P100,000.00) per school year.

Coverage for Accidents Which Occurred Abroad 

The same procedure stated in the paragraph above should also apply to incidents occurring during a school event outside of the Philippines. The amount of coverage per student is Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (P2,500,000.00) per trip, per school year.

However, it is recommended for all overseas travel that parents obtain a separate adequate medical coverage for their child. To ensure that all ISM students attending overseas trips have medical cover in case of accident, injury, emergency surgery, disability, death, etc. while on an overseas School-related trip, all traveling members will be covered via School’s travelinsurance and Mandatory Medical Coverage for the duration of the trip. If you do not wish to be covered, parents are required to submit to the Fine Arts/CAS Office, at least one (1) week prior to the trip, a copy of their own separate medical insurance policy and other related documentation that shows coverage for their child. In so doing, you will not be billed automatically under the School’s Mandatory Medical Coverage if an incident occurs. On the other hand, if you choose to avail of the School’s Mandatory Medical Coverage, your bill for the said coverage will be included in the regular billing invoice sent to you by the School.  The approximate cost per student availing said coverage for a trip is seven hundred pesos (P700) for a three day trip  or nine hundred pesos (P900) for a five day trip

Insurance Overview

Claim Form (proving sickness or loss)

Schedule of benefits