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IASAS Cultural Convention 2019: Preview dates

It is almost time for IASAS Cultural Convention 2019, but before we travel the students would love to share all their hard work with the ISM community. Here are the dates and times for these events:

PreviewDate Time Venue
Film (All ISM entries)Thursday, Feb 14th@3pmLT
DebateTuesday, Feb 19th@3pmLT
Music Part OneTuesday, Feb 19th@5pmAMR
ForensicsWednesday, Feb 20th@3pmLT
Dance/ Drama/ FilmWednesday, Feb 20th@5pmFAT
Music Part TwoThursday, Feb 21st@5pmAMR
Dance/ Drama/ FilmSaturday, Feb 23rd@3pmFAT

HS Film Festival-April 18th@3pm in FAT

The HS Film Festival brings together films from Intro, Explore and IB Film classes to celebrate the best of what ISM film makers have created this school year.  The first part of the festival showcases the best films made for individual projects in all year groups. The final part of the program is used to showcase the culminating IB2 projects made by the Grade 12 film makers. Please join us on April 18th at 3pm in the FAT to watch these on the big screen! (Poster design by G10 student Rhia Mitsuhashi)




ISM Fine and Performing Arts Events 2017-18

Fine Arts Calendar 2017-18

September 15-17 Dance Exchange Friday to Sunday All Day SAS Singapore HS
September 20 Great Works Concert Wednesday 5:30 pm FAT HS
October 13 & 14 MUN Locals Conference Friday & Saturday All day ISM Hosting HS
October 19 to 21 HS Play Thursday to Saturday All day FAT HS
November 8 to 12 IASAS MUN Wednesday to Sunday All day International School Bangkok HS TRIP
November 15 All Choirs Concert Wednesday 5:30 pm FAT ES/MS/HS
November 20 to 24 THIMUN Monday to Friday All day Singapore HS TRIP
November 21 Grade 2 Concert Tuesday 8:00 am FAT ES
November 21 ES AFAC Recital Tuesday 3:00 pm LT ES
November 27th MS Art Exhibition Opening Monday 3:00 pm FAT Lobby MS
November 27 to December 11 MS Art Exhibition Monday to Monday All Day FAT Lobby MS
November 27 All Strings Concert Monday 5:30 pm FAT MS/HS
November 29 All Bands Concert Wednesday 5:30 pm FAT MS/HS
November 30 to Deccember 3 Robotics Tournament Thursday to Sunday All day Taipei American School HS TRIP
December 9 K-12 Dance Recital Saturday 3:00 pm FAT ES/MS/HS
January 16 Manila Student Film Festival Tuesday 5:00 pm FAT MS/HS
January 18 TRI-M Music Night Thursday 5:30 pm LT HS
January 19 to 21 GIN Conference Thursday to Sunday All day Concordia International School Shanghai HS TRIP
January 25 Children’s Musical Theater Thursday wholeday FAT ES
January 24 to 28 AMIS Orchestra Wednesday to Sunday All day Hong Kong Interntaional School MS Trip
January 27 Fast and Fresh Theater Festival Saturday All day ISM Hosting MS
February 1 to 4 ISTA Thursday to Sunday All day Bangkok MS Trip
February 7 to 11 AMIS Band Wedensday to Friday All day United Nation International School of Hanoi MS Trip
February 19 to 24 IASAS Preview Dance, Drama, Music, Art and Debate/Forensic Monday to Saturday All day FAT/AMR/LT HS
March 3 GIN Manila Conference Saturday All day Brent HS
March 2-4 GIN Conference Friday to Sunday All day Canggu Community School, Bali MS
February 28 to March 4 IASAS Cultural Convention Dance, Drama, Music, Art and Debate/Forensic Thursday to Sunday All day TAS/ISM/SAS HS
March 7 to 22 IB Visual Arts Exhibition Wednesday to Thursday All day FAT Lobby HS
March 7 IB Visual Arts Exhibition Opening Wednesday 3:00 pm FAT Lobby HS
March 14 to 18 AMIS Orchestra Wednesday to Sunday All day Seoul Foreign School MS Trip
April 4 to 8 AMIS Boys and Girls Choir Wednesday to Sunday All day International School Bangkok MS Trip
April 17 HS Finale Concert Tuesday 5:30 pm FAT HS
April 18 HS Film Festival Wednesday 3:00 pm FAT HS
April 17 to 24 ES Art Exhibit Tuesday to Tuesday All day FAT Lobby ES
April 19 100% Dance Co Thursday 3:30 pm FAT HS
Apirl 25 to 28 VEX Robotics World Championship Wednesday to Saturday All day Kentucky USA HS
May 3 to 16 MS/HS Art Exhibition Tuesday to Wednesday All day FAT Lobby MS/HS
May 4 Preschool Concert Friday 8:00 am LT ES
May 4 & 5 MS Play Friday & Saturday All day FAT MS
May 8 Kindergarten Concert Tuesday 8:00 am LT ES
May 12 Dance Recital Saturday 3:00 pm FAT ES/MS
May 21 to June 1 IB1 Art Exhibition Monday to Friday All day FAT Balcony HS
May 23 HS Dance Finale Wednesday 3:00 pm LT HS
May 25 Grade 1 Concert Friday 8:00 am LT ES
May 30 MS Finale Concert Wednesday 5:30 pm FAT MS
June 1 AFAC Recital Friday 3:00 pm LT ES/MS

Fine & Performing Arts Calendar 2015-16

Welcome back to another exciting year for the Arts at ISM. Having been inspired by various experiences over summer, teachers are back from the break and are now keen to see our talented students breath life into their ideas. The link below is a list of the major events the Fine Arts Office  supports throughout the year. (In addition, we support many curriculum-derived events and details of these will come throughout the year from the organising teachers.)

Fine & Performing Arts Events 2015-16


Fine and Performing Arts Events 2014/15

Welcome back! Here is a list of the Fine and Performing Arts events for the year. Make this the year you try something new! The first big events for HS are auditions for the HS Play and in MS the afterschool program includes a a One Act Play Festival. For more information, come and see me, Mrs. Hillman, at the Fine Arts Office.

Fine Arts Events 2014/15

Private film screening to raise money for Typhoon Haiyan relief fund

The Adventurer for blog

The hype for discerning film critics….The film is based on the Mariah Mundi series of books by G.P. Taylor, which critics have compared favorably to the writings of J.K. Rowling. The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box is the first film of what is to be a series with similar appeal to that of the Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and The Golden Compass films.

Be the first in the Philippines! Captive Cinema Distributors is allowing this special private screening five days before the film actually opens in Philippine cinemas as a way to contribute to the ISM disaster relief fund. (They are also foregoing any profit…Thanks Captive!)

Need to feel even more exclusive? January 10th is the US release date so, because of time difference, we will even see it before the world preview! So come be some of the first people in the world to enjoy this film and also contribute to a good cause while you’re at it……

PLOT: The Adventurer centers around 17 year old Mariah Mundi whose family has been kidnapped by an unknown enemy. In order to unravel the mystery of their whereabouts he must embark on a journey to a remote island with the enigmatic Will Charity. Click here to see the trailer.

DATE & TIME: Friday, January 10th, 2014. We will open the doors to the ISM Fine Arts Theater at 5.15pm so people have the chance to take pictures on the red carpet and then select a seat before the film starts at 6.00pm

FILM RATING: The US MPAA rating board classified the film as PG (Parental Guidance suggested for younger children) because there is “some action and violence, some peril and brief incidences of smoking”. The film will be rated in the Philippines later this month and expects to get an equivalent rating. Essentially, this means it is left to the discretion of parents to decide whether they wish to approve of their child’s solo attendance or buy tickets and accompany them. (As a general guide to help with this decision, the film is fairly similar in terms of levels of violence and action to the later Harry Potter films)

TICKETS: Tickets cost 250PHP and are available from the ISM cashier’s office or via the new electronic top up machines on campus (make sure to print and keep the receipt as proof of purchase). The Fine Arts Council will also be promoting ticket sales at lunchtime outside the canteen in the last week of school before semester break and also during the week of the event.

CAN’T ATTEND? WHY NOT LET SOMEONE ELSE GO IN YOUR PLACE! If January 10th is not a great date for you, you can still buy a ticket and donate it to children from our service learning partner groups. For every sponsored ticket sold, we can let more students from these groups attend! In this way, the event not only addresses our immediate concerns about victims of Typhoon Haiyan but also continues to support our long term partnerships with our service partners.

If you have any further questions, email the Fine Arts Office at or phone 8408400 ex 630/631


Thank you for supporting Metro Manila film showing!

ISM hosted its first Red Carpet Night on November 7th as a fundraiser for two of the school’s service learning partners,  Berdesaco and Papaya Academy . The film Metro Manila has  already won Audience Choice at this year’s Sundance Film festival and is now in contention for Academy Award selection. The audience was lucky enough to not only view the film but also to meet with the lead actors, Jake Macapagal and Althea Vega, who posed for photos and signed posters. The event was extremely well supported with 122600PHP being raised for the groups. In addition, many of the schools contract workers from around the school (security, cleaners, canteen staff etc) were able to enjoy the film free of charge because of the kind support of Captive Cinema Film Distributors, the company who is promoting the film in the Philippines.

The Fine Arts Council and Service Learning Council would like to say a big THANK YOU for this support and are already looking to have another Red Carpet event soon! In the meantime, here is a link to the album containing pictures of the event:



Exclusive screening of the film Metro Manila

Metro_Manila-poster-film-405x600Fine Arts Council and Service Learning Council present….
ISM RED CARPET NIGHT-November 7th@6.30pm

ISM is excited to host a private screening of
the subtitled edition of Metro Manila in our
very own Fine Arts Theater. All profits go to
our Service Learning Partners, so get your
ticket and come walk the ISM red carpet with
the film’s lead actor, Jake Macapagal!




WHAT? Metro Manila is 2013 British-Filipino film developed by Academy Award nominated director Sean Ellis. The film has already won the Sundance Film Festival Audience Choice Award and is also selected as the British entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards. The film is unique in that Ellis wrote the script in English but then shot the film in Tagalog by entrusting the translation completely to the Filipino cast. The film follows Oscar Ramirez and his family as they attempt to escape their impoverished lives as rice farmers by moving to Manila. At first this move seems ill-conceived but then Oscar secures a job as an armored truck guard and is befriended by senior officer, Ong, who offers Oscar hope of a better life. As their friendship grows, it becomes apparent that Ong has been waiting for someone like Oscar for a long time…

WHY? Last week, ISM Film and Theater students were lucky enough to have a Q and A session with director, Sean Ellis, and lead actor, Jake Macapagal. At this event, students discovered that whilst a subtitled edition of Metro Manila is available, only a few cinemas in Manila will be showing this. Therefore, the Fine Arts Council and the Service Learning Council decided to secure a private showing of the subtitled version so all members of the ISM community could join together enjoy a film set in their home town! Of course, alongside the chance to see award winning cinema, they also saw connections between the film’s themes and raising awareness, and funds, for our school’s service learning partners Berdesaco and Papaya Academy.

WHEN AND WHERE? November 7th @ 6.30pm on the big screen in the ISM Fine Arts Theater. We will start with an opening address from the lead actor of Metro Manila, Jake Macapagal, so arrive early! The film’s running time of 1 hour 54 mins.

WHO? This film is rated R13 so is for High School students and adults only. There is some violence and mature themes are explored. If you require more details of content, check out the excellent reviews of the film on the Rotten Tomatoes website or ring the ISM Fine Arts Office on 8408400 ex 631.

HOW MUCH? 250PHP for students and 300PHP for adults, which will include a cinema snack! (In addition some
extra snacks will be available for purchase.) Tickets are available through the ISM cashiers office from Wednesday, October 16th.

For additional enquiries contact the ISM Fine Arts Office on 8408400 ex 630/ 631
(This opportunity was made possible by the kind support of Captive Cinema Distributors)