Fine Arts Events 2019-20

MUN Locals ConferenceSept 20 to 21All dayFAT/LT/Lofthouse
Dance ExchangeSept 20 to 22All dayISKL
Great Works ConcertSept 255:30 pmFAT
Robotics ThurderdomeOct 4 to 5All dayLT
HS PlayOct 17 to 19All dayFAT
IASAS Art and FilmNov 6 to10All daySAS
IASAS MUNNov 6 to10All dayISKL
Grade 2 ConcertNov 88:00 amFAT
Robo RumbleNov 8 to 9All dayES Gym
All Choirs ConcertNov 135:30 pmFAT
THIMUNNov 18 to 22All daySingapore
All Strings ConcertNov 205:30 pmFAT
ES AMIS Honor ChoirNov 21 to 22All dayHong Kong
All Band ConcertNov 275:30 pmFAT
MS/HS Art Exhibition OpeningNov 273:00 pmFAT Lobby
MS/HS Art Exhibition Nov 27 to Dec 13All dayFAT Lobby
Robotics TAS Formosa CompetitionDec 5 to 8All dayTAS
ES/MS/HS Dance RecitalDec 73:00 pmFAT
AFAC RecitalDec 103:00 pmLT
ES International Day Grade 3 ConcertDec 138:30 amFAT
ES International Day Grade 4 ConcertDec 1310:30 amFAT
ISTAJan 23 to 26All dayChang Mai
TRI-M Jazz NightJan 235:30 pmLT
ES Children’s Musical TheaterJan 30 to February 1All dayFAT
Manila Student Film FestivalFeb 15:00 pmFAT
AMIS Boys and Girls ChoirFeb 5 to 9All dayISKL
HS GIN AsiaFeb 7 to 9All dayBangkok
MS AMIS Honor Band and OrchestraFeb 12 to 16All dayShanghai
IASAS Music; Dance, Drama and Debate & Forensic PreviewFeb 26 to 295:30 pmAMR/LT/FAT
ISM Filipiniana Centenial CelebrationMar 4All dayFAT/LT
IASAS CULCON, Music; Dance, Drama and Debate & Forensic Mar 5 to 9 All dayISB/SAS/TAS
IB2 Visual Arts Exhbit OpeningMar 243:00 pmFAT Lobby
IB2 Visual Arts Exhbit Mar 24 to Apr 2All dayFAT Lobby
HS Finale ConcertApr 165:30 pmFAT
ES Art ShowApr 20 to 24All dayFAT Lobby
Robotics VEX World CompetitionApr 21 to 27All dayUSA
100% Dance CoApr 213:30 pmFAT
HS Film FestivalApr 223:00 pmFAT
PS ConcertApr 248:00 amLT
MakerFaire Robolution 2020May 5All dayLT
ES ISM Sing RecitalMay 53:00 pmLT
MS PlayMay 8 to 9All dayFAT
MS/HS Art Exhibit Opening May 83:00 pmFAT Looby
MS/HS Art ExhibitMay 8 to 19All dayFAT Lobby
MS Finale ConcertMay 125:00 pmFAT
MS Film FestivalMay 1311:40 amFAT
Kindergarten ConcertMay 158:00 amLT
ES/MS Dance RecitalMay 163:00 pmFAT
IB1 Art Exhibit Opening May 20 3:00 pmFAT Lobby
IB1 Art ExhibitMay 20 to June 1All dayFAT Lobby
ES AFAC RecitalMay 213:00 pmLT
Grade 1 ConcertMay 228:00 amLT
HS Dance FinaleMay 273:30 pmLT

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