Fine Arts Events 2019-20

MUN Locals ConferenceSept 20 to 21All dayFAT/LT/Lofthouse
Dance ExchangeSept 20 to 22All dayISKL
Great Works ConcertSept 255:30 pmFAT
Robotics ThurderdomeOct 4 to 5All dayLT
HS PlayOct 17 to 19All dayFAT
IASAS Art and FilmNov 6 to10All daySAS
IASAS MUNNov 6 to10All dayISKL
Grade 2 ConcertNov 88:00 amFAT
Robo RumbleNov 8 to 9All dayES Gym
All Choirs ConcertNov 135:30 pmFAT
THIMUNNov 18 to 22All daySingapore
All Strings ConcertNov 205:30 pmFAT
ES AMIS Honor ChoirNov 21 to 22All dayHong Kong
All Band ConcertNov 275:30 pmFAT
MS/HS Art Exhibition OpeningNov 273:00 pmFAT Lobby
MS/HS Art Exhibition Nov 27 to Dec 13All dayFAT Lobby
Robotics TAS Formosa CompetitionDec 5 to 8All dayTAS
ES/MS/HS Dance RecitalDec 73:00 pmFAT
AFAC RecitalDec 103:00 pmLT
ES International Day Grade 3 ConcertDec 138:30 amFAT
ES International Day Grade 4 ConcertDec 1310:30 amFAT
ISTAJan 23 to 26All dayChang Mai
TRI-M Jazz NightJan 235:30 pmLT
ES Children’s Musical TheaterJan 30 to February 1All dayFAT
Manila Student Film FestivalFeb 15:00 pmFAT
AMIS Boys and Girls ChoirFeb 5 to 9All dayISKL
HS GIN AsiaFeb 7 to 9All dayBangkok
MS AMIS Honor Band and OrchestraFeb 12 to 16All dayShanghai
IASAS Music; Dance, Drama and Debate & Forensic PreviewFeb 26 to 295:30 pmAMR/LT/FAT
ISM Filipiniana Centenial CelebrationMar 4All dayFAT/LT
IASAS CULCON, Music; Dance, Drama and Debate & Forensic Mar 5 to 9 All dayISB/SAS/TAS
IB2 Visual Arts Exhbit OpeningMar 243:00 pmFAT Lobby
IB2 Visual Arts Exhbit Mar 24 to Apr 2All dayFAT Lobby
HS Finale ConcertApr 165:30 pmFAT
ES Art ShowApr 20 to 24All dayFAT Lobby
Robotics VEX World CompetitionApr 21 to 27All dayUSA
100% Dance CoApr 213:30 pmFAT
HS Film FestivalApr 223:00 pmFAT
PS ConcertApr 248:00 amLT
MakerFaire Robolution 2020May 5All dayLT
ES ISM Sing RecitalMay 53:00 pmLT
MS PlayMay 8 to 9All dayFAT
MS/HS Art Exhibit Opening May 83:00 pmFAT Looby
MS/HS Art ExhibitMay 8 to 19All dayFAT Lobby
MS Finale ConcertMay 125:00 pmFAT
MS Film FestivalMay 1311:40 amFAT
Kindergarten ConcertMay 158:00 amLT
ES/MS Dance RecitalMay 163:00 pmFAT
IB1 Art Exhibit Opening May 20 3:00 pmFAT Lobby
IB1 Art ExhibitMay 20 to June 1All dayFAT Lobby
ES AFAC RecitalMay 213:00 pmLT
Grade 1 ConcertMay 228:00 amLT
HS Dance FinaleMay 273:30 pmLT

Dance Performance in Collaboration With E.sperimenti Dance Company- Sept 7th in FAT

During the week beginning September 2nd MS & HS Curriculum Dance classes will be working with the Italian Dance Company E.sperimenti to explore contemporary practice. The week will culminate in a performance on Saturday, September 7th at 6:00pm in the ISM Fine Arts Theater. There will be a collaborative performance with dancers from all of ISM’s HS Dance classes (approx. 25mins) followed by E.sperimenti presenting their original choreography Convergenze (approx. 55mins). This is a free event for the ISM and Italian Embassy communities. No tickets are required; however, any ISM security card holder who would like to bring an outside guest should email for a link to the security clearance form, which will need to be completed before you can bring your guest onto campus. Please come and support this exciting collaboration.

This residency and performance has been made possible with support from the Philippine Italian Embassy in Manila and is part a wider project where the group travels between IASAS Schools with support from their respective Italian embassies. The collaboration will culminate at the IASAS Dance Exchange, which runs from the 20 to 22 of September where 10 students from each IASAS school and the various members of E.sperimenti come together to work on a final collaborative piece.

Convergenze explores the engaging and energetic relationship between the rhythms of electronic music, the ground and light. The choreographer, Federica Galimberti, sees this interplay of elements as a way of explore the ‘infinite fragility’ of man in relation to a changing environment. An all-male ensemble uses contemporary dance styles such as hip hop to explore the physical nature of environmental influences on humans. The convergences of various technical elements such as lighting design create heightened states for performers. In some moments this pushes them to the point of crisis and in other moments it encourages a dynamic, exalted state of being.

Choreography: Federica Galimberti

Music: AAVV and electronic processing

Number of dancers: 7

Duration: 55 min

HS Play 2019 Auditions

Natasha, Pierre & the Comet of 1812

Cast Auditions start Thursday, August 15th @3pm, FAT

Cast Auditions start Thursday, August 15th @3pm, FAT

First Crew meeting is Thursday, August 29th @ 3pm, FAT

How do I sign up for the cast and crew? 

  • Join the ISM Fine Arts Council Google+ page OR
  • Check for an email from Mr. Birchenall OR 
  • Check your batch Google+ page for details Crew Sign up

All details are posted there. Sign up by Thursday, August 15th for Cast and Tuesday, August 27th for crew.

Any questions see Mrs. Hillman in the Fine Arts Office