A guide to housing for school events

Housing for Fine Arts Office  Activities / Events

Each school year, ISM hosts various exchanges and IASAS tournaments involving sports, Fine Arts and other groups such as AMIS Music festivals. During these events, we ask our parents and families to host visiting students in their homes for two to four nights, depending on the event. Our visitors come mainly from the other IASAS schools located in Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur.

Our students directly benefit from the same hospitality when we travel to other schools and participate in similar events held throughout the region. This provides our students with the opportunity to meet families from other schools, cultivate new friendships and it significantly reduces the cost of travel for everyone involved.

It is therefore imperative that all ISM students/families who participate in these programs, either in Manila or abroad understand that we will need and expect their help throughout the year. If students are chosen to represent the school on a team or in a group, the expectation is that their family will host visitors for events held in Manila.

If a family is not able to house for a particular event, after signing and submitting the housing form then it is understood that the participant will find a replacement host to assist with their housing responsibility.  Please understand it is not OK to simply call/email or text a few day before or on the eve of the  event and withdraw your offer due to changed plans. We are very tight with housing offers at most events and often do not have back-ups to call on at the last minute to make these type of changes. If you sign and submit your form to house then their is a clear expectation for you to fulfill that commitment.

As a host family we ask that you kindly provide the following:

  • A warm friendly welcome. Please treat your guest(s) the way you would want your own children to be treated if and when they may be hosted at an event.
  • Comfortable sleeping accommodations (bed/mattress on floor is ok)
  • Transportation to and from school each day of the event
  • Light breakfast each morning (cereal/fruit/toast)
  • Snack food and or dinner available each evening
  • Laundry-wash uniforms/towels/travel clothes if students request (needed especially for athletes on sports teams)
  • Parental/adult supervision each evening is mandatory and accept curfew calls from coaches each night at 9pm

The students typically will spend most of the day (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) on campus at ISM participating in the tournament or convention. They should keep you informed of their whereabouts and plans at other times so you are not worried or inconvenienced. Open communication with your guest is important, exchange cell phone #’s to keep in touch! You will receive an information letter prior to the event with all details regards guest(s)name and school of your guest, pick-up/drop-off times and event schedule. Generally for all IASAS events schools arrive Wed afternoons/evenings and depart on Sunday mornings.

IASAS Curfew is 9pm and all students must be at the hosts home by this time.  Host parents do not have the authority to allow students to leave the house after curfew for any reason. If students ask say NO!

Also team dinners organized by team members or coaches are not allowed at IASAS events. Host parents can pick up their guest at the end of each day once the schedule has ended.

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