Fine and Performing Arts Videos and Images: Parent Portal access

The ISM Fine & Performing Arts Office films many events throughout the school year. Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, we cannot post all of these to our ISM Live YouTube channel.  For those events we do post, the quality is also sometimes diminished by the live streaming process. If an event is not posted or the quality  is diminished, we generally add them to a Fine Arts Videos Google folder in the “Quick Links” list of the Parent Portal. Once you click on the folder link, you will be taken a list of folders labelled by the school year. Click on the year in which the event you want to watch took place and a list of video files and photo folders  will appear.
Because the file sizes are so big, downloading the video you want to watch to your personal computer is recommended. This also means you will retain access to it after you leave ISM and it will be easy to share with family members via file share sites such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
You can download by clicking on the video file you want. A preview image of the video or images will appear against a black screen. On the top right corner of this screen you will see a downward facing arrow. Click this and you will be asked to select where you want to save the file on your personal computer.
The videos in this folder are provided for private family viewing only. These videos SHOULD NOT be uploaded to the internet for public access. If this becomes an issue, we will have to stop providing the films in this manner. You can certainly share your downloaded files to family members in other countries, but please make it clear to them that these videos SHOULD NOT be uploaded to any social media or public access site.  
Happy viewing!

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