IASAS Cultural Convention 2016 Previews

 IASAS Cultural Convention 2016 runs from March 2nd to 6th.  This is an  Arts festival, which takes place in three countries and involves representatives from each of the six IASAS schools: International School Bangkok, International School of Kuala Lumpur, Taipei American School, Singapore American School, Jakarta Intercultural School and, of courses, International School Manila.
 IASAS Art, Dance, Drama and Tech students will be travelling to Taipei American School. Our Dance/ Drama/ Tech team have combined this year to create a piece of dance theatre called Internecine War in the Kingdom of Ra. Our Art delegates will take a travelling show of 25 art pieces.
IASAS Debate and Forensics students will be travelling to International School of Kuala Lumpur.  There are five categories where students compete for medals: Debate, Original Oratory, Oral Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking and Impromptu Speaking.
International School Manila is excited to host IASAS Music 2016. Each music delegate  presents a solo for adjudication and also sings or plays as part of a music ensemble. There are also two concerts to enjoy: the Festival Showcase of exceptional solos and ensembles and the Festival Concert conducted by professional musicians from around the world.  (A more detailed post of this event will follow.)
Because of IASAS Cultural Convention, next week is dedicated to previews of the various works for our ISM community to enjoy :
  • Monday, Feb 22nd: IASAS Music Solos (Part 1) in the AMR, starting at 5PM
  • Tuesday, Feb 23rd: First showing of IASAS Dance/ Drama in the FAT , starting at 5.30pm. (Enjoy the IASAS Arts pieces in the FAT Lobby on the way in.)
  • Wednesday, Feb 24th: IASAS Forensics Speaking Preview in LT, starting at 3.30pm (Original Oratory and Oral Interpretation)
  • Wednesday, Feb 24th: IASAS Music Solos (Part 2) in the AMR, starting at 5PM
  • Monday, Feb 29th: IASAS Forensics Speaking Preview in LT, starting at 3.15pm (Extemporaneous Speaking)
  • Monday, Feb 29th: Second showing of IASAS Dance/ Drama in the FAT, starting at 5.30pm (enjoy the IASAS Arts pieces in the FAT Lobby on the way in)
  • Tuesday, March 1st: Screening of IASAS Film Entries in the LT 3:00-3:30
All events are free seating and entry. Please come and support these talented students prepare to represent us at IASAS Cultural Convention 2016.
(Also, we still need 20 more beds for housing IASAS Music delegates. Here is a link to my Arts Blog if you can help with this: http://arts.ism-online.org/2016/01/12/iasas-music-cultural-convention-host-families-needed/ )

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