HS Great Works Music Concert

great5The 5th Annual HS Great Works Concert is this Wednesday, September 24th in the FAT. The concert starts with each of the following classes presenting a variety of pieces: Symphonic Band, Show Choir, Jazz Band, Orchestra. All of these ensembles will then join together alongside Concert Choir and a special guest ensemble from Los Cantantes de Manila, Interchorale, Koro San Migel, UAP Chorale and the UCM Chancel Choir to perform the final Great Work.

This year’s Great Work is the Chichester Psalms, which is composed by one of the most famous American composers of all time, Leonard Bernstein.  Bernstein is perhaps best known for his theatrical pieces Candide and Westside Story but has produced works for everything from ballet to chamber music.  Click on this link for detailed information about Chichester Psalms and Bernstein’s other works.