Private film screening to raise money for Typhoon Haiyan relief fund

The Adventurer for blog

The hype for discerning film critics….The film is based on the Mariah Mundi series of books by G.P. Taylor, which critics have compared favorably to the writings of J.K. Rowling. The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box is the first film of what is to be a series with similar appeal to that of the Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and The Golden Compass films.

Be the first in the Philippines! Captive Cinema Distributors is allowing this special private screening five days before the film actually opens in Philippine cinemas as a way to contribute to the ISM disaster relief fund. (They are also foregoing any profit…Thanks Captive!)

Need to feel even more exclusive? January 10th is the US release date so, because of time difference, we will even see it before the world preview! So come be some of the first people in the world to enjoy this film and also contribute to a good cause while you’re at it……

PLOT: The Adventurer centers around 17 year old Mariah Mundi whose family has been kidnapped by an unknown enemy. In order to unravel the mystery of their whereabouts he must embark on a journey to a remote island with the enigmatic Will Charity. Click here to see the trailer.

DATE & TIME: Friday, January 10th, 2014. We will open the doors to the ISM Fine Arts Theater at 5.15pm so people have the chance to take pictures on the red carpet and then select a seat before the film starts at 6.00pm

FILM RATING: The US MPAA rating board classified the film as PG (Parental Guidance suggested for younger children) because there is “some action and violence, some peril and brief incidences of smoking”. The film will be rated in the Philippines later this month and expects to get an equivalent rating. Essentially, this means it is left to the discretion of parents to decide whether they wish to approve of their child’s solo attendance or buy tickets and accompany them. (As a general guide to help with this decision, the film is fairly similar in terms of levels of violence and action to the later Harry Potter films)

TICKETS: Tickets cost 250PHP and are available from the ISM cashier’s office or via the new electronic top up machines on campus (make sure to print and keep the receipt as proof of purchase). The Fine Arts Council will also be promoting ticket sales at lunchtime outside the canteen in the last week of school before semester break and also during the week of the event.

CAN’T ATTEND? WHY NOT LET SOMEONE ELSE GO IN YOUR PLACE! If January 10th is not a great date for you, you can still buy a ticket and donate it to children from our service learning partner groups. For every sponsored ticket sold, we can let more students from these groups attend! In this way, the event not only addresses our immediate concerns about victims of Typhoon Haiyan but also continues to support our long term partnerships with our service partners.

If you have any further questions, email the Fine Arts Office at or phone 8408400 ex 630/631


MS Art Exhibit now showing in the MSMC!

MS_Art_Show_Banner_Dec9The MS Art exhibit for semester one  is showing until the end of the semester in the Middle School Library. Come admire the creativity and variety of the students work which runs the full range of artistic mediums. Classes exhibiting include Grade 5/6 Art, ARTmud (ceramics), ARTsculpt (Scuplture), ARTstudio Drawing, Painting, Printmaking) and the new DigiART (Photography, Graphic Design, Film).

Host Families Needed For MS Orchestra Festival- Please Help!

AMIS roundISM is pleased to host the Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS) Orchestra Festival between the January 22nd and 26th, 2014. AMIS is a by-audition orchestra of 80 students and the 2014 participants come from a mix of 12 different international schools in East and South East Asia. ISM is pleased to have secured 9 slots in the orchestra so feel worthy hosts in terms of talent but now we would like to support this with finding willing hosts for our 71 visiting students. Although January may still seem far away, we really would like to secure homes for these students before Christmas. More details of hosting responsibilities and a request form can be found in the following link:

AMIS hosting request letter

K-12 Dance Recital- December 7th@3pm

DanceRecital_(Medium)This coming Saturday, December 7th,  is the K-12 Dance Recital for Semester One. This is always a lovely show to attend because it is one of the few times on the ISM calendar where students from all grades come together for a common event. This year’s theme for the show is Cirque De ISM. Expect dances that explore a range of festive performance styles, from the fun of the circus and carnivals to the mystery of a masquerade. The show starts at 3pm in the Fine Arts Theater.