Exclusive screening of the film Metro Manila

Metro_Manila-poster-film-405x600Fine Arts Council and Service Learning Council present….
ISM RED CARPET NIGHT-November 7th@6.30pm

ISM is excited to host a private screening of
the subtitled edition of Metro Manila in our
very own Fine Arts Theater. All profits go to
our Service Learning Partners, so get your
ticket and come walk the ISM red carpet with
the film’s lead actor, Jake Macapagal!




WHAT? Metro Manila is 2013 British-Filipino film developed by Academy Award nominated director Sean Ellis. The film has already won the Sundance Film Festival Audience Choice Award and is also selected as the British entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards. The film is unique in that Ellis wrote the script in English but then shot the film in Tagalog by entrusting the translation completely to the Filipino cast. The film follows Oscar Ramirez and his family as they attempt to escape their impoverished lives as rice farmers by moving to Manila. At first this move seems ill-conceived but then Oscar secures a job as an armored truck guard and is befriended by senior officer, Ong, who offers Oscar hope of a better life. As their friendship grows, it becomes apparent that Ong has been waiting for someone like Oscar for a long time…

WHY? Last week, ISM Film and Theater students were lucky enough to have a Q and A session with director, Sean Ellis, and lead actor, Jake Macapagal. At this event, students discovered that whilst a subtitled edition of Metro Manila is available, only a few cinemas in Manila will be showing this. Therefore, the Fine Arts Council and the Service Learning Council decided to secure a private showing of the subtitled version so all members of the ISM community could join together enjoy a film set in their home town! Of course, alongside the chance to see award winning cinema, they also saw connections between the film’s themes and raising awareness, and funds, for our school’s service learning partners Berdesaco and Papaya Academy.

WHEN AND WHERE? November 7th @ 6.30pm on the big screen in the ISM Fine Arts Theater. We will start with an opening address from the lead actor of Metro Manila, Jake Macapagal, so arrive early! The film’s running time of 1 hour 54 mins.

WHO? This film is rated R13 so is for High School students and adults only. There is some violence and mature themes are explored. If you require more details of content, check out the excellent reviews of the film on the Rotten Tomatoes website or ring the ISM Fine Arts Office on 8408400 ex 631.

HOW MUCH? 250PHP for students and 300PHP for adults, which will include a cinema snack! (In addition some
extra snacks will be available for purchase.) Tickets are available through the ISM cashiers office from Wednesday, October 16th.

For additional enquiries contact the ISM Fine Arts Office on 8408400 ex 630/ 631
(This opportunity was made possible by the kind support of Captive Cinema Distributors)

HS Play for 2013- The Inspector General

The Inspector General Poster (FINAL-edited)The tickets for this year’s HS play, The Inspector General,  are now available for purchase at the cashier’s office. The play was written by Russian writer, Nikolai Gogol, in 1836 and is a comedy that revolves around a mistaken identity and the paranoia that ensues when immoral characters collide. The play is said to have been inspired by the true experience of the playwright friends, the poet Alexander Pushkin, who was mistaken for an inspector and flirted with the governor’s wife and daughter whilst visiting a provincial small town. Gogol surrounds this basic plot line with a range of comical small town characters who all all believe they have something to gain or lose by the visit of this imagined inspector.

The play been translated and adapted many times; the ISM adaption has consulted the both the Thomas Seltzer and Jeffrey Hatcher versions of the play, but the script has largely came out of the  actors’ playful improvisations.  The director, ISM Theater teacher Tami Monsod, has created a fast paced, highly physical adaption of this classic that is sure to delight.

There are four performances:

  • October 17th at 6.30pm
  • October 18th at 6.30pm
  • October 19th at 6.30pm
  • October 19th at 2.30pm

Running time: Approximately 2 hours, which includes a 20 minute intermission.

Ticket price: 150PHP for students and 300PHP for adults.