Great Works Music Concert

great Works 2013(Medium)In celebration of the refurbishment of the MS/ HS music wing, we are kicking off the Fine and Performing Arts year with the HS Great Works Music Concert. This extremely popular feature of the Music calendar always revolves around  a key theme, which this year is Unearthing. The Music department  has taken on popular Film and Broadway pieces, with the hopes of looking at them  in a new light through interesting arrangements. There is plenty of variation on offer, with both classical and popular music fans catered for. The Orchestra, Symphonic band, Show Choir and Jazz Band will all deliver  individual performances. However, the most exciting feature of any Great Works Concert is when all four groups join together in the much anticipate finale.

The concert starts at 5.30pm on Thursday, September 19th and should run for around an hour and a quarter. No reservations or tickets are required and it is free seating. If you require more information, please contact the Fine Arts Office.