IASAS Cultural Convention: A Brief Guide to Performances

IASAS Cultural Convention has finally arrived and the first performances are staged on Thursday. With this in mind, I thought I would send a brief outline of the shows on offer. The information I have for each is limited to programs and conversations about technical requirements; this is what I have gleamed so far:

  • ISM Dance- Nang Mamatay Ng Dahil Sa (To Die For): An exploration of females who when instrumental in the Philippines Revolution.
  • TAS Drama- Macbeth: One of Shakespeare’s most well-known plays edited to 45 minutes
  • SAS Dance- A piece responding to concentration camps during World War Two. (Sensitive subject matter.)
  • JIS Drama- A Harold: This is the name for a long form improvised performance so be prepared for anything! (Generally a comic storyline.)
  • ISKL Dance- Mad As Hell: Looks at problems within society and promotes the idea that the public should be “Mad As Hell” rather than accept such things. (Sensitive subject matter explored
  • SAS Drama- Eat, Play, Love: A series of seemingly unconnected scenes that pull together around the title.
  • ISB Dance- Noir: An exploration of film genre Noir which was popular in the 40’s and 50’s and its possible connections to today’s world.
  • ISKL Drama- The Ned Warriors: An example of the Futurist and Neo-Futurist genres. This type of theatre celebrates living in the present and demands that society throws tradition aside. A definite celebration of comedy with a sense of humor.
  • TAS Dance- O2CO2- Our connection with oxygen and carbon dioxide. There are few details beyond pictures of bubbles and the tech details promise a great ending.
  • ISB Drama- ex-POE-se- An expressionist- style play that explores the writing of Edgar Allen Poe. The director has said this is suitable for 13 years and above.
  • JIS Dance- IODOS: One for keen scientists as states of matter, synthesis, displacement and decomposition are all represented through Dance.
  • ISM Drama- Pearl of the Orient: An exploration of characters living through the Japanese occupation of Manila during World War Two.

Here are the times for all Cultural Convention performances and the Art Opening:

This is a link to the live streaming of performances:



While we welcome the ISM community to enjoy these performances and the Art Exhibition, we would appreciate you taking into consideration the following recommendations:

BE ON TIME: You will notice that timings are very precise. This is because the theatre is in use the whole day for technical rehearsals. There is no time allowance for lateness. With this in mind you must arrive before the start time. Latecomers will be refused access, even if you have a child performing.

SWITCH IT OFF: These plays are the culmination of months of hard work, please turn all phones off. It is an expectation of all audience members to adhere to this. You will not be able to leave to take a call during any performance. IASAS is very serious about this rule and it is considered the height of bad manners to admit audience members who are not aware of this. We want to make a good impression as the hosts and lead by example.

NO PHOTOGRAPHY: We have a team of student photographers and a photography expert taking photos. We are also videoing all performances and copies of these will be available via the Fine Arts Office. Flash photography is distracting.

CONSIDER CONTENT: These performances were developed with  HS audiences in mind. While most performances are family friendly, we advise discretion when bringing MS audience members to watch. The ISB Drama group has already advised that their performance on the Saturday morning is not suitable for those students less than 13 years of age. MS students, who want to watch JIS Dance and ISM Drama, will be admitted to the theatre at 1.30pm.

The ISKL Dance and SAS Dance also address sensitive issues that will require parental guidance for those under 13.

Here is a list of the shows and a brief synopsis of each show so you can make a choice about coming:



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