AMIS Delegates travel to festivals

The first Arts trip for 2013 left on Wednesday, with 10 students travelling to Beijing to take part in The Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS) Middle School orchestra and choir festivals.  Then next Wednesday 2 more students head for Yangon, Myanmar for the band festival. Each festival consists of 3 days of workshops, large group playing or singing, and a final concert on the Saturday night. The 12 students all gained their places at the festival by handing in audition tapes early last semester. The selection process is quite rigorous so the following students can justly feel proud of their achievement:

Moon Hwan (Kyle) Kim (8)

Seok Hyun (John) Ma (8)

Akira Sugata (8)

Mitsuki Sugata (7)

Anne Safran (8)

Akshay Sharathchandra (8)

Jin Young Cho (8)

Eve Coleman (8)

Isaiah Filio (8)

Sebastiano Matera (8)

Young Joo Lee (8)

Won Ho Song (8)

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