HS Play Auditions

This year’s HS play is an adaptation of Marcus Zuzak’s novel The Book Thief. It is set in Nazi Germany during WWII and explores the lives of  working class German people during Hitler’s reign. The plot focuses upon  Liesel Meminger, a young German girl who is fostered to Rosa and Hans Hubermann because her mother is too poor to feed her. The family lives on Himmel Street in Molking, a small town near Munich, the birthplace of Nazism. Liesel is illiterate but has a way with words and Hans soon teachers her to read. With little money available for luxuries such as books, Liesel takes to stealing to feed her new-found passion for literature. Her accomplice in many of her escapades is Rudy, a boy who is the physical prototype for Hitler’s imagined ‘superior race’; however, Rudy’s his innate desire for equality means he does not buy into the propaganda.  As the play progresses, the Hubermanns risk arrest by hiding a Jewish man, Max,  in their basement. Liesel strikes up a power friendship with Max because they share a clear understanding of what it is to be haunted by nightmares. Through her experiences with the Hubermanns, Rudy and Max, Liesel becomes conscious of the insidious evil that is fascism and the dangers it holds for all the people she loves most.

When people begin reading The Book Thief, the most striking element is perhaps that the story is narrated by Death. The adapted play will keep this character as one of two central narrators, which leads to moments where images of the war outside Himmel Street are explored. Death also has a group of four Alter Egos; after all death is ever-present and everywhere all at once. The other central narrator will be an elderly Liesel Meminger, who upon her death is finally reunited with a book that she once though was lost forever the fires of WWII

Besides the main and supporting roles, there are many exciting minor speaking parts, which will be taken on by members of the ensemble. We really need a flexible ensemble this year because they will be taking on a wide variety of roles: soldiers, Hitler Youth members, Death’s helpers and small children to name a few.

Obviously, we also need a dedicated and creative crew to make the magic happen: costumes, props, set art, publicity design, projections and film, back stage  crew, stage management, lighting, sound, makeup etc.

Please click on the link below for details of characters that you can read for:

Cast List for The Book Thief

Once you have decided what role you wish to put yourself forward for, please sign up the Performing Arts ‘Announcements’ notice board, which sits on the wall near the AMR between the FAT  two dressing rooms. The auditions will be held on the 9th and 10th of August after school in the FAT (Thursday and Friday this week!), with Monday the 13th set aside for callbacks and new or late returning students who may have missed out the week before.

Specific audition scripts are avaliable for the following characters: Old Liesel, Young Liesel, Death, Max, Hans, Rosa, Giltine, Yamaraj, Thanatos, Pesta, Alex, Frau Holtzapfel, Ilse Herman, Hans Junior Huberman.

If you wish to audition for minor and ensemble roles only then please choose a supporting role from the list above that suits the minor role you wish to go for the closest. If you can’t decide then I would prefer that you take on one of the Alter Egos of Death so that I can play with piece of casting bit.

As always, if you come prepared with your lines revised, you are much more likely to impress. If you are auditioning for lead you can try for two roles but you must be prepared if this is the case. I may ask you to read in for parts other than your first choice. It is certainly to your advantage to try these suggestions out.

I can’t wait to get started. Opening night is the 18th of October so Saturday the 6th and 13th of October are compulsory for all cast members. Leads will need to commit to at least 5 Staurday rehearsals. Please do not audition for lead roles if this is not possible.