ISM Music Delegates Selected for Showcase

Word has just come through that the following ISM music delegates have been selected to perform in the IASAS Showcase concert this evening in Taipei.

Band: Caitlin Coyiuto with Kao Sugata accompanying.

Strings: ISM Quintet (Yong An, Emiri Tanaka, Seo Young Yoon, Jimin Kim,  Jae Youn Park)

Vocal: Mahek Tulsiani and Myung In Sohn with Ms. Gander accompanying.

Piano: Yining Zhang *

*only 2 pianists  were chosen from all of the IASAS schools

Ms. Hurst  reports that all ISM students have performed to a very high standard and have represented ISM well.  We are so proud of all of them.   If you read this post in time, please try to watch the concert, via the live stream at the following link: 



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